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3M Face Mask 8210

3M ™ Cool Flow ™ Valve:
Beat the heat with a cooler solution.
On average, 3M ™ Disposable Cool Flow ™ Valve Respirators are 7.5 degrees cooler inside the facepiece than similar valveless models. * See how 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve technology can help your workers feel more comfortable.

Inhalation with the 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ Valve:
Inhalation: As the user inhales, air passes through the respirator and the temperature on the surface drops. Additionally, the 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ plastic valve cover retains some of the inhaled heat.

Exhalation with the 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ Valve:
Exhalation: As the user exhales, the respirator is filled with warm, moist air. Exhaled air is expelled through the 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve and filter media. This is ideal for long periods of use, especially in hot and humid conditions, or when breathing is heavy due to demanding physical work.

Electrostatically charged microfibers:
The pickup field is greater as the load is stronger. Charging from 3M® Advanced Electrostatic Media (AEM) means you need less fiber to capture particles efficiently.

Open Training
With the help of advanced electrostatic media, our filters openly accommodate highly charged microfibers, allowing more air to pass through the media, and as a consequence, help you breathe easier.


- NIOSH N95 approval

- Filtering efficiency of 95%

- Electrostatically charged filter

- Cup shape

- Staple-free stretchable bands

- Nasal foam for greater comfort

- Nasal bridge for better fit

- Disposable respirator against particles without the presence of oil. Applications: Polishing, sanding, sweeping, handling of powder materials.

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