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KN-95 mask

The Mfyan KN95 Dr.95 Particulate Protective Breathing Mask can effectively defend against various airborne particles including PM2.5 bacteria and dust, viruses and COVID19.
The DR.MFYAN KN95 mask is manufactured in an FDA registered facility using the highest international CE certified manufacturing standards.

- Equivalent to N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84).
- The mask is suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, PM2.5 mist particles, flu bacteria, drops and COVID19.
- The KN95 mask contains an anti-particle matter filtering technology with an antibacterial environmental protection fabric, which effectively filters and protects against PM2.5 particles and bacteria particles.
- Elastic earmuffs fit easily and comfortably. Its adjustable nose bar helps bring the mask closer to the face when worn.
- The respirator is made of electrostatic fusion blown fabric, pp spun nonwoven fabric, electrostatic filter cotton.

This respirator is maintenance free. Don't wash it. Do not use a microwave oven to heat it. When the cotton filter is very dirty, damaged or if you feel that the resistance to breathing increases significantly, replace the respirator in time.
To ensure that the respirator is clean and sanitary, avoid touching the inside of the respirator with your hands and wash your hands before using the respirator each time.

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EUA - Price: $2.80 USD. Piece
Stock: 100000 Pieces.


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