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Medical protection gown with shoe cover for hospital

One piece protective clothing with hood; Zipper type, with elastic bands on cuffs, pants and waist, stable sealing performance.

Color: White (blue ribbon)

Dustproof, waterproof, anti-epidemic barrier.

It is generally used in outpatient services, ward, laboratory, intensive care unit, CDC and other places for important isolation, which can effectively isolate the virus.

Breathable and sweat resistant, skin safe, soft and comfortable, not easy to deform.
Moisture permeability, flame retardant and alcohol resistance
Anti-penetration function, good breathability, high resistance, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

The medical protection gown is a medical protection equipment that is used by clinical medical personnel when contacting patients with type A infectious diseases or infectious diseases managed by type A infectious diseases. The basic requirement is to block harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, to protect medical personnel in the diagnosis and treatment process. Not infected

- Pants with shoe covers.
- Bonded seam seam maintains liquid resistance performance.
- Hood with elastic edge.
- Woven or elastic cuffs are optional.
- Wide armhole for maximum portability and comfort during use.
- No particle release.
- Ergonomic 3-piece hood.
- Elasticated waist for an optimal fit.
- Wide crotch area.

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EUA - Price: $32.00 USD. Piece
Stock: 100 Pieces.


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