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Nitrile Gloves

High quality materials:
Made of high quality nitrile material, ensuring it is non-toxic, elastic and puncture-proof.
Fully protected gloves also have good adhesive properties, providing better grip even in wet conditions.

Non-toxic gloves are ideal for any occasion, housework, laboratory, medical gloves and even some electronic work.

Our disposable Nitrile gloves can also be used as many times as normal gloves, saving you most of the money.

Integral protection:
Provides a high-quality barrier for light duty or food handling, and keeps bacteria, household detergents, dirt, odors, and blood away from your hands.

- Nitrile glove.
- Not sterile.
- Dust free.
- Disposable.
- Ambidextrous.

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EUA - Price: $8.00 USD. 100 Pieces
Stock: 250 Pieces.


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